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June 16, 2019


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Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming



Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ASTLE, Afton  27 Mar 1921Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I4023
2 ASTLE, Elwood William  20 Jan 1897Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I4021
3 ASTLE, Isaac  14 Jul 1915Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I23
4 ASTLE, John Alva  17 Jan 1891Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I4026
5 ASTLE, Kenneth Nield  16 Aug 1924Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I8866
6 ASTLE, Mary Melvina  26 Oct 1899Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3892
7 ASTLE, Melba N  8 Jun 1919Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I8865
8 ASTLE, Sylvia Jane  26 Sep 1892Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3732
9 ASTLE, Tracy Anderson  19 Dec 1917Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I4024
10 CALL, Adolphus Alwin  5 May 1902Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5201
11 CALL, Alfred  3 Apr 1895Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5277
12 CALL, Caroline Charlotte  22 Apr 1888Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5275
13 CALL, Della  25 Apr 1915Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5107
14 CALL, Farnham Lamoni  16 Aug 1890Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5276
15 CALL, Lorna Louise  21 Aug 1899Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5270
16 CALL, Ralph William  2 May 1921Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5195
17 CALL, Ruth May  26 Nov 1919Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I6073
18 CALL, Vera Isabella  2 Jun 1900Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5199
19 CALL, Waldo  26 Feb 1916Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I6074
20 CALL, Wilford Ray  21 Jul 1910Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5108
21 HEPWORTH, Lorna D  1 Dec 1910Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5996
22 HEPWORTH, Waldo E.  23 Jan 1938Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I7526
23 MERRITT, Evelyn  29 Apr 1941Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I8918
24 NIELD, Aurthur  10 Aug 1888Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3959
25 NIELD, Effie  22 Nov 1893Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I4020
26 NIELD, Lemuel Dee  5 Aug 1903Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3957
27 NIELD, Luella  19 Oct 1889Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3958
28 NIELD, Sarah Elizabeth  1 Apr 1890Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3955


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 NIELD, Effie  1 Mar 1894Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I4020


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Cecil Peter  15 Aug 1951Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I4875
2 ANDERSON, David  24 Apr 1957Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I4887
3 ANDERSON, Ingry  9 May 1950Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5893
4 ANDERSON, Marion Peter  13 Jul 1956Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I355
5 BLEAZARD, Caleb Davis  15 Dec 1940Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I4668
6 BRADSHAW, Isabella Jane  16 May 1912Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I25
7 BROADBENT, Sarah  10 Jun 1901Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3953
8 CALL, Alfred  3 Apr 1895Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5277
9 CALL, Anson Vasco  12 Oct 1944Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3722
10 CALL, Ivan Leon  29 Mar 1979Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I6072
11 CALL, Joseph Holbrook  15 Jan 1935Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5283
12 DUTSON, Joseph Angus  27 Nov 1928Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3886
13 ERICKSON, Carl Golden  24 Apr 1976Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5783
14 ERICKSON, Lafern Bertha  12 Oct 1971Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5780
15 FARNHAM, Alice Jeannette  21 May 1939Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5268
16 HADERLIE, Carlette  11 Sep 1988Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5825
17 HADERLIE, Charles Henry (Karl Heinrich)  19 Nov 1943Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I1574
18 HADERLIE, Clifford Moroni  13 May 1982Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5829
19 HADERLIE, Frederick William  11 Feb 1914Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5827
20 HADERLIE, Gilbert Schiess  22 Mar 1998Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5836
21 HADERLIE, Ida May  14 Jan 1985Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I4798
22 HADERLIE, Lula Irene  8 Sep 1978Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5788
23 HADERLIE, Oliver Romeo  4 Jun 1978Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5826
24 HEPWORTH, Camera Lorean  20 Aug 1984Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I6437
25 HEPWORTH, David Edgar  8 Jul 1956Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I43
26 HEPWORTH, Emma  1 Jul 1960Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5883
27 HEPWORTH, Lovisa Matilda  28 Apr 1965Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I6151
28 HEPWORTH, Margaret Ann  13 Feb 1922Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I6075
29 HOKANSON, John Alfred  9 Feb 1915Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I6014
30 MIKESELL, Louisa Porcher  24 Apr 1953Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I4874
31 NEILD, Seth Broadbent  15 May 1949Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3945
32 NIELD, Aurthur  10 Aug 1888Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3959
33 NIELD, James Wild  26 Jan 1956Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3947
34 NIELD, John  14 Dec 1913Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3954
35 NIELD, John Edward  13 Aug 1925Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3951
36 NIELD, Joseph Luke  31 Dec 1936Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3961
37 NIELD, Luella  16 Apr 1970Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3958
38 NIELD, Sarah Elizabeth  1 Apr 1890Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3955
39 SCHIESS, Bertha  18 Jan 1951Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3214
40 THURMAN, Bertha Marinda  6 Jul 1955Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5472
41 THURMAN, Hattie Lucinda  5 Jun 1967Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5482
42 WELCHMAN, Emma Joanna  13 Sep 1972Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I6001
43 WELCHMAN, Mary Fortuna  18 Oct 1918Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I6051


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Cecil Peter  18 Aug 1951Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I4875
2 ASTLE, Elwood William  8 Sep 1974Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I4021
3 ASTLE, Sarah Isabella  13 May 1963Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I32
4 BLEAZARD, Caleb Davis  17 Dec 1940Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I4668
5 BLEAZARD, John  16 Jan 1930Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I4598
6 BRADSHAW, Isabella Jane  19 May 1912Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I25
7 BROADBENT, Sarah  13 Jun 1901Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3953
8 CALL, Alice Maud  20 Jan 1973Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5271
9 CALL, Anson Vasco  17 Oct 1944Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3722
10 CALL, Ella  3 Oct 1980Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5269
11 CALL, Ivan Leon  31 Mar 1979Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I6072
12 FERGUSON, Eliza  28 Dec 1920Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3960
13 HADERLIE, Carlette  14 Sep 1988Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5825
14 HADERLIE, Wanda Florence  24 Oct 1987Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5824
15 HEPWORTH, Camera Lorean  24 Aug 1984Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I6437
16 HEPWORTH, Lorna D  12 Feb 1980Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5996
17 HEPWORTH, Margaret Ann  Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I6075
18 MERRITT, Elizabeth Diana  Jul 1968Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I4883
19 MILES, John Albert  30 Jan 1958Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I1307
20 MILES, William Owen  14 Jan 1963Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I1311
21 NEILD, Seth Broadbent  19 May 1949Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3945
22 NIELD, Aurthur  Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3959
23 NIELD, Effie  20 Feb 1980Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I4020
24 NIELD, James Wild  30 Jan 1956Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3947
25 NIELD, John  17 Dec 1913Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3954
26 NIELD, John Edward  15 Aug 1925Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3951
27 NIELD, Joseph Edwards  Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3956
28 NIELD, Joseph Luke  1 Jan 1937Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3961
29 NIELD, Lemuel Dee  Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3957
30 NIELD, Luella  20 Apr 1970Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3958
31 NIELD, Sarah Elizabeth  Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I3955
32 THURMAN, Bertha Marinda  9 Jul 1955Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5472
33 THURMAN, Hattie Lucinda  8 Jun 1967Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I5482
34 THURMAN, Matilda May  11 Feb 1967Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I6441
35 WELCHMAN, Mary Fortuna  19 Oct 1918Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming I6051
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