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July 24, 2024




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Astle & Hepworth
Hereditary Thyroid Cancer
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Louis Frank
Louis Frank

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FrankHistory.com was created in an effort to bring the rich history of the Frank family together.

With the marriage of Seth Clinton Frank and Grace Emily Astle, four family lines abundant in history were joined. This site incorporates the Frank, Haderlie, Astle, and Hepworth families. Each one of these family lines arrived in the United States of America from Europe in the 1800's. These families joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints while in Europe. Carl Frank and his mother joined in Sweden, John Ulrich Haderlie and family in Switzerland, and Francis Astle and family and Edmund Hepworth and his family both joined in England.

The journals, biographies, and photographs detailing these pioneer families and their descendents are contained on this website. You're invited to download any of the documents from this site to print and add to your own collection as well as share with your family.

As mentioned previously, this site's purpose is to bring together the family history documents that have been dispersed and handed down generation after generation. If you have any family documents such as photographs or stories related to any of these family lines, please contact us so they too can be added to this growing collection and shared with other family.

Recent Updates to FrankHistory.com
Many new documents and photographs have been added to the site lately. Click here to see what's new.
There is a known hereditary thyroid cancer in the John F. Astle and Lauretta Hepworth family. Help us determine where this genetic variant came from. Learn More...

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