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June 16, 2019


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Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 USTERI, Adelheid  Oct 1572Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I3095
2 USTERI, Anna  Oct 1560Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I3089
3 USTERI, Anna  May 1600Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2945
4 USTERI, Anna  27 Oct 1602Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2946
5 USTERI, Anna  25 Jun 1620Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2716
6 USTERI, Anna  7 Jul 1624Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2717
7 USTERI, Anna  10 Aug 1675Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2169
8 USTERI, Anna  1707Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I1966
9 USTERI, Anna Cleopha  1705Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I1965
10 USTERI, Anna Magdalena  1700Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I1964
11 USTERI, Barbara  10 Jun 1604Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2948
12 USTERI, Child  24 Jan 1639Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2437
13 USTERI, Dorothea  16 Aug 1640Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2438
14 USTERI, Elisabetha  Jun 1567Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I3092
15 USTERI, Elisabetha  Jan 1592Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2940
16 USTERI, Elisabetha  Aug 1618Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2715
17 USTERI, Elisabetha  4 Jul 1809Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I1602
18 USTERI, Georg  Oct 1568Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I3093
19 USTERI, Hans  Nov 1565Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I3091
20 USTERI, Hans Jakob  3 Mar 1704Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I1811
21 USTERI, Hans Jakob  30 Aug 1755Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I1708
22 USTERI, Hans Jakob  3 Mar 1791Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I1647
23 USTERI, Hans Kaspar  Mar 1617Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2714
24 USTERI, Hans Ludwig  15 Feb 1615Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2435
25 USTERI, Hans Rudolf  17 Apr 1625Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2718
26 USTERI, Heinrich  Sep 1534Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I3087
27 USTERI, Heinrich  Mar 1564Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I3090
28 USTERI, Heinrich  Aug 1584Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2712
29 USTERI, Heinrich  Apr 1590Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2939
30 USTERI, Heinrich  16 Aug 1642Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2439
31 USTERI, Heinrich  19 Feb 1677Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2170
32 USTERI, Heinrich  7 Nov 1680Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2172
33 USTERI, Johann Kaspar  8 Jul 1797Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I1713
34 USTERI, Kaspar  10 Jun 1604Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2947
35 USTERI, Katharina  24 Nov 1678Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2171
36 USTERI, Katharina  1708Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I1967
37 USTERI, Lamprecht  Apr 1594Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2941
38 USTERI, Ludwig  Abt 1674Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I3096
39 USTERI, Magdalena  Apr 1594Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2942
40 USTERI, Margaretha  May 1587Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2937
41 USTERI, Margaretha  26 Apr 1630Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2720
42 USTERI, Marx  Oct 1588Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2938
43 USTERI, Marx  20 Aug 1626Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2719
44 USTERI, Marx  7 Mar 1644Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2166
45 USTERI, Mathias  20 Jan 1808Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I1715
46 USTERI, Melchior  21 Jan 1672Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I1962
47 USTERI, Paulus  Jun 1562Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2935
48 USTERI, Regula  3 Sep 1673Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2168
49 USTERI, Rudolf  Nov 1596Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2943
50 USTERI, Salomon  6 Jun 1801Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I1714

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BRUNNER, Hans Georg  10 Dec 1629Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2173
2 SOMMERAUER, Barbara  6 Aug 1645Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2167
3 USTERI, Hans Jakob  30 Aug 1755Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I1708
4 USTERI, Hans Ludwig  15 Feb 1615Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2435
5 USTERI, Marx  7 Mar 1644Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2166
6 USTERI, Melchior  21 Jan 1672Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I1962
7 WERDMULLER, Magdalena  18 May 1639Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2174


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 USTERI, Hans Jakob  15 Apr 1839Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I1647
2 USTERI, Paulus  5 Sep 1611Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland I2935


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HADERLIE / ZOLLINGER  8 Dec 1856Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland F631
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