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August 18, 2019


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Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HEGETSCHWEILER, Aeggli  1613Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2412
2 HEGETSCHWEILER, Elisabeth  1 Jan 1672Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1941
3 HEGETSCHWEILER, Elsbeth  31 Mar 1673Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1942
4 HEGETSCHWEILER, Hans  Abt 1608Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2411
5 HEGETSCHWEILER, Hans  1 Sep 1678Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1943
6 HEGETSCHWEILER, Hans Heinrich  Abt 1592Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2695
7 HEGETSCHWEILER, Hans Jakob  19 Jun 1631Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2415
8 HEGETSCHWEILER, Heinrich  3 Dec 1665Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1938
9 HEGETSCHWEILER, Heinrich  15 Dec 1667Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1939
10 HEGETSCHWEILER, Jakob  Abt 1585Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2409
11 HEGETSCHWEILER, Jakob  1620Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2413
12 HEGETSCHWEILER, Katharina  1650Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2135
13 HEGETSCHWEILER, Mr.  Abt 1560Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2693
14 HEGETSCHWEILER, Peter  1622Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2414
15 HEGETSCHWEILER, Rudolf  2 Oct 1670Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1940
16 HEGETSCHWEILER, Ulrich  1616Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2132
17 HEGETSCHWEILER, Verena  1641Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2134
18 HEGETSCHWEILER, Verena  20 Sep 1679Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1944
19 HEGETSCHWEILER, Verena  17 Nov 1682Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1945
20 HEGETSCHWEILER, Verena  4 Apr 1686Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1805
21 LIPS, Anna  1599Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2369
22 LIPS, Anna  1621Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2390
23 LIPS, Anna  1629Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2371
24 LIPS, Anna  1650Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2095
25 LIPS, Anna  24 Nov 1689Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1798
26 LIPS, Anna  4 Oct 1719Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1801
27 LIPS, Anna Dorothea  2 Dec 1686Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1924
28 LIPS, Dorothea  3 May 1716Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1799
29 LIPS, Elsbeth  1641Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2373
30 LIPS, Elsbeth  21 Apr 1679Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1920
31 LIPS, Elsbeth  25 Mar 1683Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1922
32 LIPS, Felix  1607Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2385
33 LIPS, Felix  24 Oct 1680Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1921
34 LIPS, Felix  6 Jan 1689Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1912
35 LIPS, Hans  1590Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2368
36 LIPS, Hans  Abt 1605Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2384
37 LIPS, Hans  1634Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2372
38 LIPS, Hans  12 Apr 1658Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2097
39 LIPS, Hans  17 Sep 1682Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1797
40 LIPS, Hans Jakob  1648Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1915
41 LIPS, Hans Jakob  2 Aug 1685Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1923
42 LIPS, Hans Jakob  12 Mar 1730Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1803
43 LIPS, Heinrich  Abt 1588Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2923
44 LIPS, Heinrich  Abt 1597Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2665
45 LIPS, Heinrich  1615Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2389
46 LIPS, Heinrich  1625Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2093
47 LIPS, Heinrich  1652Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2096
48 LIPS, Jakob  Abt 1573Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2921
49 LIPS, Jakob  1609Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2387
50 LIPS, Jakob  1645Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2109

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 HADERLIE, Charles Henry (Karl Heinrich)  Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1574
2 HEGETSCHWEILER, Verena  4 Apr 1686Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1805
3 LIPS, Anna  24 Nov 1689Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1798
4 LIPS, Hans  17 Sep 1682Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1797
5 WISMER, Anna  25 Aug 1650Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1916


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BRAEM, Barbara  30 Apr 1805Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1638
2 FREY, Verena  11 Feb 1657Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2383
3 HEGETSCHWEILER, Jakob  19 Jan 1659Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2409
4 HUBER, Anna  19 Jul 1676Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1937
5 LIPS, Johann Jakob  22 Jul 1688Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2107
6 LIPS, Verena  28 Feb 1787Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1694
7 MEYER, Margaretha  3 Sep 1728Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1896
8 NOTZ, Lisabrth  29 Oct 1667Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I2108
9 ZOLLINGER, Hans  5 Feb 1707Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1792
10 ZOLLINGER, Heinrich  21 Oct 1702Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1895
11 ZOLLINGER, Heinrich  30 Mar 1712Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1796
12 ZOLLINGER, Johannes  25 Nov 1833Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1604
13 ZOLLINGER, Regina  25 May 1787Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1644
14 ZOLLINGER, Rudolf  5 May 1756Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1787


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ZOLLINGER, Johannes  27 Nov 1833Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland I1604


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ZOLLINGER / BENZ  26 Nov 1700Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland F733
2 ZOLLINGER / USTERI  25 May 1829Urdorf, Zurich, Switzerland F656
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