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July 17, 2019


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Ogden, Weber, Utah



Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BLEAZARD, Lorna Marie  3 Oct 1926Ogden, Weber, Utah I6009
2 CAMPBELL, Jared Edward  16 Feb 1854Ogden, Weber, Utah I517
3 CARLSON, Hannah Teresia  21 Apr 1886Ogden, Weber, Utah I4646
4 CARLSON, Joseph Waldemar  2 Mar 1896Ogden, Weber, Utah I4651
5 CARLSON, Robert Axel  25 Nov 1887Ogden, Weber, Utah I4647
6 DICKEMORE, Katherine  1 May 1897Ogden, Weber, Utah I5646
7 GIBSON, Ruth  18 Jan 1922Ogden, Weber, Utah I4469
8 JONES, Ethel  12 Nov 1890Ogden, Weber, Utah I4368
9 JONES, Frank Worley  26 Jan 1887Ogden, Weber, Utah I4364
10 NIELSEN, Larry B  10 Jul 1950Ogden, Weber, Utah I4750
11 NIELSEN, Niels Lawrence  7 Jul 1924Ogden, Weber, Utah I6010


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Ann  30 Sep 1881Ogden, Weber, Utah I678
2 ANDERSON, Martha  21 Jul 1961Ogden, Weber, Utah I5590
3 ASTLE, Arstanie Elvira  20 May 1996Ogden, Weber, Utah I15
4 ASTLE, Olive Lehona  31 Dec 1985Ogden, Weber, Utah I8895
5 BAGULEY, Elizabeth  12 Jun 1891Ogden, Weber, Utah I375
6 BARNES, Janette Evelena  26 Aug 1940Ogden, Weber, Utah I4149
7 BRAEGGER, Selma Johannah  31 Jul 1957Ogden, Weber, Utah I4597
8 CALL, Alice Maud  16 Jan 1973Ogden, Weber, Utah I5271
9 CALL, Chester Alfred  18 Apr 1983Ogden, Weber, Utah I5272
10 EARLEY, Ada Mae  15 Apr 1978Ogden, Weber, Utah I5620
11 ERICKSON, Byron Parley  18 Aug 1993Ogden, Weber, Utah I5785
12 ERICKSON, Marlan Gilbert  15 Jan 1969Ogden, Weber, Utah I5786
13 HAKANSSON, Per  2 Aug 1936Ogden, Weber, Utah I6030
14 HEPWORTH, Florence Rachel  13 Jun 1975Ogden, Weber, Utah I5992
15 HEPWORTH, Zelma Ronalda  16 Nov 1980Ogden, Weber, Utah I5462
16 HOKANSON, Julyous (Julius) Arthur  15 Mar 1975Ogden, Weber, Utah I3718
17 HOSKIN, Caroline Jenkins  4 Sep 1945Ogden, Weber, Utah I4996
18 HOWELL, John Cromwell  25 Nov 1951Ogden, Weber, Utah I906
19 HUMPHERYS, Charles Rich  28 Dec 1940Ogden, Weber, Utah I4285
20 JONES, David  8 Jan 1968Ogden, Weber, Utah I5090
21 JONES, Mabel  22 Aug 1972Ogden, Weber, Utah I4362
22 KERSHAW, Ada  15 Dec 1943Ogden, Weber, Utah I5612
23 KERSHAW, Jabez Later Called George  10 Mar 1939Ogden, Weber, Utah I6066
24 LARSEN JYDE, Anders  22 Feb 1901Ogden, Weber, Utah I3753
25 LEISHMAN, James Adamson  27 Apr 1965Ogden, Weber, Utah I4678
26 LOFTUS, William  28 Feb 1950Ogden, Weber, Utah I5640
27 LYON, Gladys Charlotte  21 Mar 1982Ogden, Weber, Utah I4744
28 PEAD, Frances Elizabeth  11 May 1982Ogden, Weber, Utah I1439
29 PILKINGTON, Hugh  20 Oct 1889Ogden, Weber, Utah I4409
30 TANNER, Joseph Speirs  17 Jul 1974Ogden, Weber, Utah I5116
31 TANNER, William Elsey  5 Apr 1927Ogden, Weber, Utah I5114
32 THEURER, Ada Christina  11 Feb 1962Ogden, Weber, Utah I765
33 THEURER, Flora May  18 Dec 1941Ogden, Weber, Utah I770
34 THEURER, Pearl Emma  10 May 1990Ogden, Weber, Utah I764
35 THURMAN, Matilda May  8 Feb 1967Ogden, Weber, Utah I6441
36 WELCHMAN, Alvin Joseph  10 Jan 1970Ogden, Weber, Utah I6044
37 WELLS, Clara  8 Nov 1951Ogden, Weber, Utah I1206


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Ann  Oct 1881Ogden, Weber, Utah I678
2 DICKEMORE, Katherine  21 Aug 1978Ogden, Weber, Utah I5646
3 ERICKSON, Marlan Gilbert  18 Jan 1969Ogden, Weber, Utah I5786
4 HAKANSSON, Per  4 Aug 1936Ogden, Weber, Utah I6030
5 HEPWORTH, George William  Ogden, Weber, Utah I6431
6 HEPWORTH, Zelma Ronalda  19 Nov 1980Ogden, Weber, Utah I5462
7 HIRST, Martha  12 Jan 1902Ogden, Weber, Utah I132
8 LEISHMAN, Ellen Cameron  27 Jul 1928Ogden, Weber, Utah I4680
9 NIELSEN LEE, Niels Peter Neilsen  10 Jan 1920Ogden, Weber, Utah I5262
10 PILKINGTON, Dean Steele  Ogden, Weber, Utah I4399
11 SEVERN, Enoch  Jan 1888Ogden, Weber, Utah I679
12 SEVERN, Hannah S  27 May 1912Ogden, Weber, Utah I676
13 TAYLOR, John Deloss  17 Sep 1962Ogden, Weber, Utah I5645
14 THEURER, Pearl Emma  14 May 1990Ogden, Weber, Utah I764


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ASTLE / NELSON  12 Jun 1937Ogden, Weber, Utah F254
2 JENSEN / TAYLOR  1 Jan 1946Ogden, Weber, Utah F1733
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