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History of Edmund Hepworth
Written by his grandson, Jay L. Hepworth

Edmund Hepworth

The life history of Edmund Hepworth and his family is contained in the book History of Edmund Hepworth written by his grandson, Jay L. Hepworth and edited by his great granddaughter, NelLo Hepworth Bassett. This history first published in 1970 is a thorough biography which includes illustrations, photographs, and genealogy charts. This 81 page hardbound book has now been digitized and is available for download and printing. Unfortuantely, at this time the book is no longer available in print. This history will make a fine addition to your family history collection.

Click Here to Download (100MB)

Table of Contents
  1. England, 1841-1863
    • Historical Background
    • Edmund's Early Life
    • Conditions in the Coal Mines
    • Movements
    • Receiving the Gospel in England
  2. Immigrating
  3. Crossing the Plains
  4. Salt Lake Valley, 1863-1864
  5. Smithfield, 1864-1865
  6. Oxford, Idaho, 1865-1877
    • Arrival and Settling
    • Edmund as a Minute Man
    • Pioneering
    • Edmund and Hannah Sealed
    • Edmund and Eliza Sealed
    • Edmund as a Public Figure
  7. Utah's "Dixie", 1877-1880
  8. American Fork, 1880-1883
  9. Bountiful, 1883-1887
  10. Grover, Wyoming, 1887-1915
    • Arrival and Settling
    • The Years 1888 and 1889
    • Movements of Edmund and His Families
    • Edmund as a Public Figure
    • Occupations
    • The Closing Years of Edmund's Life
  11. Special Characteristics of Edmund
  12. Some Pioneer Experiences
  13. Hannah Schofield Cowling, 1834-1918
  14. Eliza Sant, 1855-1873
  15. Lydia Wells, 1856-1928
Download History of Edmund Hepworth

A condensed life history compiled from this book can be viewed by clicking here.

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