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Luella Frank Jensen
A Sketch or History of My Life - Started in January 1960

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During the years we were raising our family, we enjoyed entertaining our many friends, had sleigh riding parties and surprise parties and enjoy working in the ward. I am the ward chorister for Community, also chorister in Primary and a class leader. I sing in our ward Relief Society chorus conducted by Mary Zollinger. Since our families are married, we have traveled considerable to visit them in Seattle, Washington, California and Ogden. Naturally we try to help them when they have sickness and trouble. We enjoyed a trip to Palmyra New York to the Church Pageant in August 1953. We traveled in 2 chartered buses with 60 people, temple officiators and their companions. We followed the Old Mormon Trail as well as we could going East, visiting many points of interest en route. On our return, we visited Washington D.C. and points of Church History. On our way home when we were in Vernal, Utah, Fred took sick. He had a ruptured appendix and was operated on soon after we got home. Thanks to the new drugs and faith and prayers of family and friends, he recovered.

I worked at the Logan Cache Knitting Mill as a seamstress for 14 years. I have always done the sewing for my family and some for friends. I retired in December 1956, and on 8 February 1967, I was set apart as an officiator in the Loan Temple by Nolan P. Olsen and enjoy the work very much. I am chorister in the Elizabeth Camp D. U. Pioneers. This is the 3rd time I have had that job. I have been working on and sending for Genealogy on both Frank and Haderlie records coming from Sweden and Switzerland.

On 27 April 1960, our family entertained at a lovely dinner for our Golden Wedding anniversary at Hal's beautiful home in North Ogden. Dinner ware and glasses were gold trimmed. A beautiful wedding cake trimmed in gold was the centerpiece. It was a lovely evening. They took some moving pictures, and we enjoy seeing them occasionally. Therma came from Seattle. Marjorie, Frank, and Ethyl couldn't come. So very happy we were all together. Then as on 21 May 1960 when Stephen went on a fishing trip in Montana, he was killed. We are very sad from this and do miss him so very much. He was a wonderful son. I feel as though my life was spared in 1932 when I had a terrible hemorrhage to bring him into the world. He was so good to us, and we all loved him so much as we also love his dear wife ReNae and their children. Hal and Stephen were inseparable and in business together. This shock has been hard for Hal. I'm so thankful for my work in the Temple, seems like we are close to him.

In December 1962, I was ill. The Doctor thought I had inner ear infection, but it proved to be high blood pressure caused from my gall bladder. It took sometime to get me ready for the operation. On February 5, 1963, I was operated on. They took out 3 large gall stones the size of pullet eggs. I was on the table 1½ hours and in recovery 2½ hours. I got along exceptionally well. Had a wonderful blessing by President George Raymond and Albert Westover before I went to the Hospital. Also the faith and prayer of my family and friends. Fred took care of me after I came home, Harry and Ann and Owen and LuDene came, did the cleaning, Ann bathed me until I was able to bend to do it. Ann also did the washing. Then I was able to go back to the Temple 1st of April 1963.

We had a lot of raspberries in September and October, so Fred and I were very busy. He couldn't work at the Temple; he quit the previous June, but he took me over and came for me. On October 31st I was ill, went to the doctor November 1st and they operated that day (hernia). I got along so very well, Fred was sick then, and he just didn't feel like he could drive me over to the Temple anymore. His appetite failed, and he got worse until January 7th, 1964. He went to the doctor, and they put him in the hospital where he gradually got weaker and his kidneys were worn out. He passed away February 8, 1964 - was relieved of his suffering.

March 24, 1964, Clark had a nervous breakdown and was taken to the hospital. Got better and was out for a month then had a relapse - was back in the Vet's hospital for several months. Finally got home, no interest in anything, now April1965 he is better and able to work again. I spent 3months each winter 1964-1965, 1965-1966, 1966-1967 in Glendora, California with Ethyl and family. Clark had another breakdown in July 1966 and in Vet's hospital. My knees are worn out and some arthritis in them so can't take the steps at the Temple since April 1966. They gave me a nice release in April 1967. I went to California January 29, 1968 and came home March 29, 1968. Clark back in Vet's hospital during the winter 1968-1969. I quilted 9 quilts for grandchildren during March and April 1970. I quilted 4 quilts for Stephen's children, makes 27 quilts for grandchildren. I have one more to do for Bruce. Ethyl and Monroe and Rob came July 7, 1970 - left July 17. Roy and Therma and Lynda came July 5, 1970 - left July 23. Was nice to have them visit again. Hal was operated January 25, 1971 for gall stones, 2 inward hernias and appendix. Getting along OK. April 1971, Bonnie at Speth's in bed, having so much trouble with pregnancy. LuDene finally gave out and sick again. Dorothy having no acid in stomach then later gall duct trouble. Ann had a heart attack May 26, 1971 was gone in a few minutes. We are all broken hearted - surely miss her. Therma and Roy and Lynda came from Waco, Texas. Monroe and Ethyl came from Glendora, California. Harry is so terribly saddened.

Therma and Lynda came for Christmas 1971; they came by plane. Stayed 8 days. On December 3rd, 1971, my family entertained, honoring my 80th birthday anniversary, which was December 4th. It was a surprise dinner, held in the 1st ward recreation hall. The dinner was served at a long table, centered with a beautiful three tier cake with pink trim. Twenty enjoyed the evening of games and music following dinner. My granddaughters Bonnie Speth Loosli and Vickey Jensen DeHek sang duets.

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