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May 28, 2024




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Anna Cajsa Anderson Frank
Written by LuDene Jensen Speth

Anna Cajsa Andersson Frank
Anna Cajsa Andersson Frank

She was born August 15, 1832 in Råda, Skaraborg, Sweden, to Anders Olofsson and Anna Svensson. They named her Anna Cajsa.

She crossed the plains at the same time Carl Anderson Frank and his mother did. They married while crossing the plains on July 18, 1863. They were able to see and talk with President Brigham Young when they arrived in Salt Lake City. They came to Logan, Utah in September of 1863 and were sealed in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City on December 13, 1866.

She had seven children. Hulda Caroline born August 20, 1864; Louis born April 30, 1866; Victor Emanuel born March 24, 1868; Valdemar born December 29, 1869; Wilhelm born April 11, 1871; Dagmar born November 11, 1872; and Augusta Sophia born May 10, 1875. She died the same day. All of these children were born in Logan, Utah.

The last few years before my mother, Luella Frank Jensen, died she would tell my husband, Owen, and me and others the same things over and over about her sweet little grandmother Anna Frank. Mother (Luella) said great-grandma Anna was a small woman and always wore something over her head because she had so many headaches, and she said it didn't ache so much when her head was covered.

Great-grandfather Carl Frank died shortly before my grandparents, Louis and Ella, were married. Louis and Ella used to take their children in to great-grandmother's whenever there was a parade or circus in town, and they all loved to go there. She lived on south Main Street, so they could just go out and sit on the fence and see everything that was going on. Grandpa (Louis) would take Uncle Austin to the circus while the rest played at great-grandma's. They would take a lunch with them, but great-grandma always had some treats for them.

Great-grandma Anna made bread to help make a living for herself. Luella said it was the best bread she ever tasted and always wished she would have asked for the recipe. People would trade eggs, flour, sugar, and different commodities besides money for her homemade bread. Great-grandmother Anna always sold bread to one old man she would refer to as Mr. Step August and then laugh. She said it was because he had the biggest feet she had ever seen. She had a well out back of the house, and she used to have a rope on a fishing pole and would hook a bucket on the end of it and let it down in the well to bring up the water.

Luella said she could do things quick as scat. Uncle Val or Valdemar and Aunt Ella lived with great-grandma Anna for a while and built a small lean-to on the side of her house. They took it with them when they moved. Luella used to go and stay with great-grandma Anna a week at a time. One time when Luella was staying with her, it was Aunt Hulda's birthday which fell on the 20th of August. Great-grandma Anna baked her a cake and frosted it. Mom (Luella) said it looked so nice. At the time, Aunt Hulda lived south of Logan on the street which in now named LeGrand Street after Uncle Valdemar and Aunt Ella's son who died as a prisoner of war in a Japanese war camp. LeGrand was great-grandma Anna's grandson.

Back to the rest of the story about the lovely cake. It was very hot that afternoon when great-grandma Anna and little Luella started to walk south to go to Aunt Hulda's to wish her happy birthday and give her the birthday cake great-grandma Anna had made. By the time they got there, the frosting was melting and the cake was trying to slide off the plate. Aunt Hulda was still very thrilled to see them, cake, melted frosting, and all.

Many years ago, they used to have a tollgate at the mouth of Logan canyon. You paid to go into the canyon and come back out. Great-grandpa Frank ran the toll gate but much of the time great-grandma Anna would run it for him and collect the money so he could take care of his other business dealings.

Great-grandma Anna died October 22, 1915 in Logan, Utah.

Written August 26, 1985 by LuDene Jensen Speth, great-granddaughter of Anna, granddaughter of Louis
and Ella Haderlie Frank, daughter of Fred and Luella Frank Jensen.

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