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Carl Anderson Frank
Day Journal from November 6, 1856 to November 11, 1872

My parents were very poor. I herded sheep and cows for surrounding farmers. My father died on February 19, 1837 when I was 9 years of age. I was confirmed a member of the Lutheran Church in the year 1844 at the age of 16. I then found employment in a cotton factory, very hard work. I remained there 3 ½ years and was promoted an inspector, my salary was 33 öre per day. In 1848 I enlisted in an Artillery Regiment where I served 6 years and was made Second Lieutenant. After a civil service examination I was made First Lieutenant. During the war between England and Russia I was advanced and given a higher rank and was sent to give patrol service on the Island of Gotland where I served 7 months, coming back to Gothenburg. I obtained work as Patrolman with the Gothenburg Police Department where I served 2 years. After my marriage in 1856, I worked as a merchant and practiced law. I was baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ on the 6th of November 1856 by Priest M. A. Fyrander (Fyrando) and confirmed by Elder Frantz Theodor Grönberg. On the 1st of December 1856, I was ordained to a Teacher in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Attended sacrament meeting on the 1st of January 1857. On the 3rd of January, prayer meeting in the evening. On the 5th of January, priesthood meeting, when Brother Mathias Nilsson was called to be President of Göteborg (Gothenburg) Branch. On the 6th, attended meeting in a place called "Stampen". On the 7th, a prayer meeting at "Stampen". On the 8th of January, I lost five Kronor by loss or drop, which resulted in a little trouble with my wife.

On the 11th of January, I attended a meeting in connection with a student Mr. Allander, who testified to the truthfulness of Mormonism. On the 14th, I was a little sick, but on the 15th, I attended sacrament meeting when a man Mr. S. Johanson and a lady were baptized into the Church. The 17th I attended a priesthood meeting.

On the 18th I attended a prayer meeting, and on the 19th a priesthood meeting. In this meeting 50 ore was collected and given to a Sister to attend a sewing school. On the 26th, attended priesthood meeting, and Brother Rasmus Berntsson was ordained to the office of an Elder in the Church. On the 28th, Elder Grönberg left for Copenhagen, Denmark. I followed him to a place called Jkrogarna. On the 29th, I attended a prayer meeting in a place called "Stampen". February 1st 1857, fast meeting and sacrament meeting. 2nd February priesthood meeting, the 5th prayer meeting. The 7th I received pay for some books that I had sold to a Herr Winberg, who by that way had received some knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In the evening of February 8th, myself and Brothers Nilsson and Berntsson, attended a Bible discussion of a Lutheran Missionary by the name Moritz, of Jewish nationality. A woman of his church praised me very much for coming to listen to his lecture. I and the Elders went with her home and so powerful was our testimony to her that she embraced the Gospel and was baptized a member of the Church of Christ. The 9th, I attended court in a whisky case for my mother-in-law. Then went out to sell some books, sold one to a lady by the name of Greta. Loaned another book to a workingman Erikson, attended priesthood meeting in the evening.

On February 11th, I received a letter from my mother and brother, warning me that I had apostatized from the Lutheran church. The 12th, in prayer meeting, my wife by my side. The 15th, in meeting, my wife and my brother-in-law, Mr. Nystrom, were with me. The 16th, in priesthood meeting. The 18th, Brother Nilsson and I visited Mr. Erikson who was a good man, but his wife was contrary to the teaching of Christ. The 19th, in prayer meeting. The 21st, a rumor was out that one Brother Wretberg had cut the throat of his wife. I investigated and found the rumor unfounded. On the 22nd, in the forenoon, a discourse between Editor S. A. Hedlund of the "Handels-och Sjofartstidning" (former Göteborg newspaper that ran from 1832 to 1985) and our missionaries in regards to our religion. The 23rd, in priesthood meeting. The 24th, my brother and I visited our sister, testifying to her of the truthfulness of the Gospel. The 25th, Elder Nilsson and I visited B. R. Wretberg in Masthugget. On the way we testified to two policemen about Mormonism, who are very interested in our message. On the 28th, Elder Nilsson and I were called as missionaries.

On the first of March, fast day and sacrament meeting, Elder Dufvander from Copenhagen arrived as a missionary. The 2nd, priesthood meeting.

The 3rd, I and Elder Nilsson walked 5 Swedish miles to "Lilla Edet" to visit my uncle. We had dinner in the restaurant "Colomba", continued to talk to the people about Mormonism, sold one book and loaned out another, we stayed over night with my uncle, then we visited "Sjuntoro" where my mother and brother resided. At first not so well received, but to the last much better. On the 5th, walked to a place known as "Katteberg", stopped with a farmer for the night, visited several places on the road bearing out testimonies to the people. The 6th, we walked to Göteborg again visiting "Colomba" and the people. At the restaurant, sold 2 books to the proprietor, his wife not interested. The 8th of March we held a meeting there, and many people came to listen to us. Two policemen, Mr. A. Lanz and Mr. Wikstrand, came to disturb the peace.

The 9th, attended priesthood meeting. The 12th, my mother came to the city to convert my sister. Mother had received a testimony since our visit to her.

The 15th, a meeting was held in my home. The 19th, a Mrs. Anderson was baptized. The 20th, in prayer meeting. The 22nd, I attended my brother-in-law Carl Thunholm's wedding, and Brother Nilsson held prayer meeting in my home. The 23rd, in priesthood meeting. The 25th, I visited a shoemaker named Anderson, preaching Mormonism explaining the principles of the Gospel. The 26th, attended prayer meeting and a Mrs. Lindberg was baptized. The 28th, I was summoned to appear at police headquarters to explain why I was preaching the Gospel. The 29th, Elders Samuel Johansson Dufvander, Rasmus Berntsson, and I were questioned before the police as to which meetings we attend. My wife was very unruly. The 31st, attended priesthood meeting.

The first of April I moved to Haga, a suburb of Göteborg. The 3rd, I sold 3 books to a Berndt Jenson. The 5th, attended fast and sacrament meeting. The 6th, in Police court for a whisky case for my sister-in-law. Eight days respite. The 7th, Sister Cajsa Pehrsson was baptized into the Church. The 9th, attended prayer meeting and Lars Gustaf Brattstrom (Broström) was baptized. The 12th, attended meeting. The 13th, priesthood meeting was held in my home. Teacher Wretberg was ordained a Priest in the Church. The 15th, in police court for my sister-in-law, 8 days respite again. The 19th held an outdoor meeting. The 20th, in police court for my sister-in-law, 8 days respite for the 3rd time. The 21st, my wife had a dispute on Mormonism with a Lutheran missionary by the name Moritz, cleaned us. I was again called to the police court, asking why we had held meeting. On the 22nd, I was blasphemed for my faith in God from a Goldsmith Lyon, and I loaned books to the police patrolman, Mr. Ryberg. On the 24th, I went to a clergy for a reference so I could be enrolled in the army; it could not be obtained for I was a Mormon. The 25th, I was again called into court for preaching the gospel. I bore my testimony in court and got eight days for that. A Sister Jansson was called before the Priesthood for sinning against the sixth commandment. The 26th, Elders Dufvander, Nilsson, and I held a meeting close to the "Hospitals Church". The 27th, again in the police court for my sister-in-law, 8 days respite. The 28th, attended priesthood meeting, Sister Jansson pleaded and she was forgiven for her transgression. On the 29th, I was persecuted very much for my religion. One contractor Lundahl and Merchant Mr. Molitor were very bitter against me on account of my religion. The 30th, I visited a Merchant Lufvenmark, wanted to take some books back that I had loaned him. He did not want to believe in the revelations from God. The 2nd of May I was again in the police court where Police Captain Hanson insisted that I should be found guilty and that I should be fined "100 Kronor", and several insisted that we should be fined "500 Kronor". To this we were very much opposed, and on the 23rd we were to get our sentence.

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