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Grace Emily Astle Frank
A Life History Told In Her Own Words

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In the spring of 1966, Seth and I went on a trip to California with Brent and Sandra. On March 8, we were at a motel in Petaluma, California, when Seth had a heart attack and passed away. It was approximately 5:00 p.m. After arrangements were made for the body to be shipped to Logan, we came immediately back to Providence to take care of funeral arrangements. Seth's funeral was held at the Providence First Ward Chapel on March 12 and he was buried in the Providence Cemetery. There was some snow on the ground at that time but on the day of the funeral it was a beautiful day.

After Seth's passing, I worked as a sales clerk for about two years at a store in Logan. I then worked as a cook in Providence Elementary School for nine years. I retired from that position in 1977.

A new church house was built on the Jacob Frederick property in about 1969. Providence First Ward was divided into two wards but I remained in the First Ward. Kenneth Spuhler was our bishop.

My Family

Children's Schooling:

When we moved to Mendon, Brent was in the 8th grade and Louis was in the 5th grade. They both went to the elementary school in Mendon; Brent only went there for one year. Lauretta and Yvonne were both at South Cache High School. When we moved back to Providence about eight years later, Lauretta, Yvonne, Brent, and Louis had all graduated from high school. Effie was in the 7th grade and the twins in the 4th grade. Effie graduated from South Cache and Collene and Charlene graduated from Sky View in Smithfield in 1966.

Lauretta attended Utah State for one year and Yvonne went for two years. Brent graduated from college in June 1958. Louis attended college for one year at Utah State. Effie went to the St. Marks School of Nursing in Salt Lake and graduated with a nursing degree in June 1965. Collene graduated from LDS Business College in Salt Lake. Charlene graduated from Utah State University in 1970. Charlene then served a mission in Uruguay and returned home in 1972.

Children's Marriages:

Lauretta married Doyle B. Tanner in the Logan Temple on January 7, 1952. Louis married Oralee Gunnell in the Logan Temple on August 1, 1958. Yvonne married Bill Wright in the Salt Lake Temple on January 23, 1959. Brent married Sandra Lee Kidman in the Logan Temple on July 29, 1960. Effie married Louis Wilhelm in the Salt Lake Temple on August 30, 1968. Collene married Tom Ashe in the Logan Temple on April 14, 1972. Charlene married Wayne Knighton in the Logan Temple on April 26, 1974.

Grace Emily Astle Frank - Age 88
Grace Emily Astle Frank
Age 88

Grace Emily Astle Frank passed away September 17, 2003 at the age of 91. She was buried September 22, 2003 in the Providence, Utah Cemetery.

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