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August 17, 2019


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Tooele, Tooele, Utah



Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BANKS, Melvina Ann  21 Mar 1866Tooele, Tooele, Utah I4044
2 JENKINS, Angeline  19 Feb 1851Tooele, Tooele, Utah I4591
3 JENKINS, Elizabeth Alice Rowberry  11 Jan 1855Tooele, Tooele, Utah I4588
4 REED, Luther Bailey  10 Feb 1858Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5434
5 SPEIRS, Christina  1 Sep 1865Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5161
6 SPEIRS, Ellen Lyon  7 Jun 1867Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5162
7 SPEIRS, Lillias  15 Sep 1863Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5115
8 SPEIRS, Mary Ann  14 Dec 1861Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5169
9 SPEIRS, Mathew  6 May 1870Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5163
10 TANNER, Byron Speirs  5 Feb 1893Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5121
11 TANNER, Emma Jane Elsey  17 Apr 1870Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5136
12 TANNER, Fanny  14 Aug 1871Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5137
13 TANNER, Franklin J  5 May 1854Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5129
14 TANNER, George Edward Elsey  21 May 1868Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5135
15 TANNER, Janet Speirs (JENNIE)  6 Feb 1888Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5124
16 TANNER, Joseph Elsey  5 Nov 1861Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5133
17 TANNER, Lillie May  3 Feb 1890Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5118
18 TANNER, Mary Ann  10 Jun 1857Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5131
19 TANNER, Sarah Elizabeth  25 Dec 1865Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5134
20 TANNER, Susanna Elsey  8 Jun 1855Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5130
21 TANNER, Thomas Elsey  31 Oct 1859Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5132
22 TANNER, Thomas William  18 Sep 1886Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5119
23 TANNER, William Elsey  10 Jul 1863Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5114


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DUTSON, James Nathaniel  14 Jan 1947Tooele, Tooele, Utah I3873
2 JENSEN, Almania Rosala  25 Aug 1957Tooele, Tooele, Utah I721
3 LANE, Sarah  2 Nov 1852Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5152
4 LYON, Janet  26 Oct 1919Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5159
5 ROWBERRY, John  4 Apr 1884Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5047
6 SPEIRS, Agnes  19 Oct 1862Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5166
7 SPEIRS, Christina  19 Nov 1937Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5161
8 SPEIRS, Ellen Lyon  19 May 1948Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5162
9 SPEIRS, George  18 Dec 1919Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5158
10 SPEIRS, Mathew  24 Oct 1939Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5163
11 SPEIRS, Thomas "L"  12 Mar 1922Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5168
12 TANNER, George  13 Apr 1872Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5143
13 TANNER, Thomas  28 Jul 1878Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5138
14 TRIPP, Gertrude  20 Mar 1964Tooele, Tooele, Utah I4041


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CARSON, Mary Ann  14 Apr 1914Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5526
2 JENKINS, Edward  Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5035
3 JENSEN, Almania Rosala  28 Aug 1957Tooele, Tooele, Utah I721
4 LYON, Janet  29 Oct 1919Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5159
5 SPEIRS, Christina  21 Nov 1937Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5161
6 SPEIRS, Ellen Lyon  21 May 1948Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5162
7 SPEIRS, George  21 Dec 1919Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5158
8 SPEIRS, Mathew  29 Oct 1939Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5163
9 SPEIRS, Thomas "L"  Mar 1922Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5168
10 SPIERS, Lillias  Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5172
11 TANNER, Alma Cruse  4 Sep 1925Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5140
12 TANNER, George  17 Apr 1872Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5143
13 TANNER, Thomas  30 Jul 1879Tooele, Tooele, Utah I5138


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 TANNER / SPEIRS  15 Dec 1885Tooele, Tooele, Utah F1650
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