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August 18, 2019


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Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho



Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEMAN, George  5 Nov 1881Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I1349
2 ANDERSON, Elizabeth  27 Feb 1887Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I5593
3 ANDERSON, Emma  22 Oct 1890Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I5594
4 ANDERSON, James Alfred  28 Feb 1885Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I5592
5 ANDERSON, John  18 Jun 1888Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I5576
6 ANDERSON, Martha  2 Apr 1881Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I5590
7 ANDERSON, Sarah  3 May 1883Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I5591
8 ASTLE, Abraham Arta  26 Aug 1877Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I31
9 ASTLE, Arthur  14 Apr 1872Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I577
10 ASTLE, Elizabeth Felicia  4 Feb 1868Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I26
11 ASTLE, Francis  14 Nov 1869Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I579
12 ASTLE, John Francis  21 Sep 1869Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I10
13 ASTLE, Joseph Charles  2 Oct 1867Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I6555
14 ASTLE, Joseph Hyrum  24 Aug 1881Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I33
15 ASTLE, Lillian Althera  22 Oct 1893Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I6488
16 ASTLE, Rachel  7 Mar 1871Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I578
17 ASTLE, Rachel Jane  30 Aug 1875Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I30
18 ASTLE, Richard Thomas  2 Sep 1871Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I28
19 ASTLE, Violet Eliza  17 Dec 1883Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I34
20 ASTLE, William Wilford  27 Sep 1873Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I29
21 DENNING, Daniel Merrifield  14 Apr 1868Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I566
22 DENNING, Elvira M.  28 Feb 1872Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I557
23 DENNING, Philip M  9 Jun 1870Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I568
24 DENNING, Uriah Merrifield  22 Jun 1874Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I560
25 DENNING, William  1876Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I559
26 KINNERSLEY, Horace Albert  15 May 1887Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I4094
27 KINNERSLEY, Hubert Archie  5 Apr 1894Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I4092
28 KINNERSLEY, Mabel Selina  12 Jun 1892Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I4095
29 KINNERSLEY, Martha Statham  2 Aug 1889Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I4093


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 ASTLE, Elizabeth Felicia  1 Mar 1868Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I26
2 ASTLE, John Francis  31 Oct 1869Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I10
3 ASTLE, Richard Thomas  19 Nov 1871Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I28


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Elizabeth  14 Aug 1887Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I5593
2 ASTLE, Abraham Arta  28 Dec 1880Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I31
3 ASTLE, Francis  13 Dec 1884Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I44
4 ASTLE, James William  15 Jul 1871Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I48
5 ASTLE, Joseph Charles  19 Jul 1911Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I49
6 ASTLE, Joseph Charles  10 Nov 1926Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I6555
7 ASTLE, Joseph Raynor  21 Sep 1921Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I6562
8 ASTLE, Rachel Jane  1 Aug 1877Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I30
9 BEE, Richard John Moxey  18 Jul 1912Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I368
10 DENNING, Sarah Jane  10 Nov 1915Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I376
11 DENNING, Sarah Jane  10 Nov 1915Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I558
12 EARLEY, Charles Walter  4 Apr 1969Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I5623
13 FERGUSON, Eliza  24 Dec 1920Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I3960
14 HAWK, Mary Ellen  1 Feb 1874Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I520
15 KINNERSLEY, James Henry  24 Oct 1894Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I378
16 PRICE, Franklin Jesse  20 Jun 1968Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I5420
17 RAYNOR, Felicia  18 Jan 1884Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I45
18 SEVERN, Sarah  25 Feb 1893Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I677
19 SEVERN, William Thomas  30 Apr 1925Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I3210


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ASTLE, Francis  Dec 1884Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I44
2 ASTLE, Joseph Charles  Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I49
3 ASTLE, Joseph Charles  13 Nov 1926Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I6555
4 DANKS, Matilda Jane  24 Dec 1956Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I6556
5 DENNING, Sarah Jane  Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I376
6 DENNING, Sarah Jane  Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I558
7 HAWK, Mary Ellen  1871Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I520
8 KINNERSLEY, James Henry  26 Oct 1894Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I378
9 RAYNOR, Felicia  Jan 1884Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I45
10 SEVERN, Sarah  Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho I677


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 WINN / ASTLE  7 May 1945Montpelier, Bear Lake, Idaho F23
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