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August 19, 2019


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Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDERSEN, Tennie Elvon  17 Apr 1896Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I3781
2 ANDERSON, Byron "H"  4 May 1925Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5884
3 ANDERSON, Cecil Peter  20 Aug 1913Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I4875
4 ANDERSON, Elisie Marie  31 Oct 1910Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I4880
5 ANDERSON, Elmont Leroy  29 Dec 1908Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I4879
6 ANDERSON, Ina Leora  15 Aug 1904Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I4878
7 ANDERSON, Russell  6 Feb 1916Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I4881
8 ANDERSON, Venna "M"  14 Aug 1923Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I4882
9 ASTLE, Agnes Lenora  3 Jul 1907Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I20
10 ASTLE, Arstanie Elvira  19 Oct 1899Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I15
11 ASTLE, Clara Pearl  12 Mar 1901Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I16
12 ASTLE, David Elmer  12 Aug 1902Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I17
13 ASTLE, Grace Emily  19 Feb 1912Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I1541
14 ASTLE, Iveine Elizabeth  26 Sep 1903Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I8894
15 ASTLE, Jane Hepworth  16 Jan 1914Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I22
16 ASTLE, Jean F  27 Mar 1918Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I8842
17 ASTLE, John Francis Jr  13 Jul 1892Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I12
18 ASTLE, Klea Lauretta  9 Sep 1894Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I13
19 ASTLE, Lehi Sam  3 Jan 1903Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I4037
20 ASTLE, Leon Carling  9 Apr 1930Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I8839
21 ASTLE, Olive Lehona  4 Jun 1905Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I8895
22 ASTLE, Ressa Nield  19 Nov 1926Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I4046
23 ASTLE, Rex N.  13 Sep 1934Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I4045
24 ASTLE, Vernon Lenox  5 Apr 1898Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I14
25 FOSBERG ASTLE, Atelia  17 Jan 1916Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I4535
26 GRIFFETH, Arvilla  10 May 1913Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I7817
27 HEPWORTH, Alice M  15 Jan 1912Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I8676
28 HEPWORTH, Allan M  20 Aug 1916Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I8678
29 HEPWORTH, Camera Lorean  24 Jul 1904Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6437
30 HEPWORTH, Edith Lovina  14 Oct 1901Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5461
31 HEPWORTH, Edward Mondell  8 Jan 1896Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5460
32 HEPWORTH, Emma  10 Oct 1887Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5883
33 HEPWORTH, Ezra James  21 Nov 1901Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6371
34 HEPWORTH, FeMina Eliza  16 Sep 1895Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6429
35 HEPWORTH, Femina Eliza  10 Nov 1896Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6436
36 HEPWORTH, Florence Rachel  6 Feb 1899Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5992
37 HEPWORTH, George William  25 Oct 1892Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5463
38 HEPWORTH, Jesse T.  24 Feb 1908Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6370
39 HEPWORTH, Joseph Eugene  12 Sep 1890Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5468
40 HEPWORTH, Mabel M  7 Nov 1914Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I8677
41 HEPWORTH, Marvin Clarence  10 May 1913Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I7795
42 HEPWORTH, Merrill Mathewson  27 Apr 1919Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I8679
43 HEPWORTH, Milian  20 Feb 1940Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I7794
44 HEPWORTH, Theo D  18 Aug 1926Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5995
45 HEPWORTH, Wanda Lydia  19 Jul 1915Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I7549
46 HOKANSON, Joseph Frederick  20 May 1911Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6007
47 HOKANSON, Melba "H"  29 Jun 1918Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5994
48 MERRITT, Duane  19 Apr 1938Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I8917
49 MILES, Emma L. Rachel  11 Oct 1894Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I1308
50 THURMAN, Dean  14 Jan 1912Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I1254

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 ASTLE, Grace Emily  7 Apr 1912Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I1541
2 DUTSON, Lellon Sem  6 Apr 1902Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I3888
3 GRIFFETH, Arvilla  30 May 1913Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I7817
4 HEPWORTH, Edward Mondell  5 Mar 1896Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5460
5 HEPWORTH, Ezra James  4 Jan 1902Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6371
6 HEPWORTH, Marvin Clarence  8 Jun 1913Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I7795
7 HOKANSON, Melba "H"  14 Jul 1918Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5994
8 WELCHMAN, Louisa Isabel  9 Nov 1890Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6048


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDERSEN, Milo  4 Sep 1943Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I4017
2 ANDERSON, Byron "H"  22 Apr 1969Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5884
3 ANDERSON, John Neils  20 Aug 1952Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5894
4 ANDERSON, JOSEPH N  28 Nov 1965Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5882
5 ANDERSON, JOSEPH N.  Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5895
6 ASTLE, Jane Hepworth  19 Apr 1914Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I22
7 ASTLE, John  11 Oct 1919Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I24
8 ASTLE, John Francis Jr  9 Oct 1951Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I12
9 ASTLE, Vernon Lenox  23 Dec 1918Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I14
10 CARLING, Laura Thelma  7 Jun 1971Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I351
11 COWLING, Hannah Schofield  6 Jan 1918Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I36
12 DUTSON, Rose Ellen  1 Dec 1950Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I3884
13 GRIFFETH, Lovina Samentha  10 Aug 1936Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5471
14 GRIFFETH, Patison Delos  11 May 1901Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5497
15 HEPWORTH, Clarence Joshua  13 May 1961Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I3717
16 HEPWORTH, Edmund  27 Oct 1915Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I35
17 HEPWORTH, FeMina Eliza  20 Oct 1895Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6429
18 HEPWORTH, Femina Eliza  16 Dec 1896Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6436
19 HEPWORTH, George William  25 Oct 1892Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5463
20 HEPWORTH, Hannah Edna  24 Dec 1900Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6432
21 HEPWORTH, Lauretta  24 Dec 1918Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I11
22 HEPWORTH, Marvin Clarence  27 Oct 2001Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I7795
23 HEPWORTH, Waldo E.  4 Jul 2005Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I7526
24 HUMPHERYS, Ray Rich  26 Aug 1963Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I4286
25 IPSEN, Margarthe Christina  11 Dec 1926Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I3896
26 JOHNSON, Benka Or Rebecca  29 Aug 1924Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5890
27 JOHNSON, Mary Anna  21 Oct 1944Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I1428
28 KERSHAW, Sarah Lucretia  8 Apr 1926Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6043
29 MORTENSEN, Maren  14 May 1929Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I1457
30 PEDERSON (ANDERSON), Anders Peter  8 Jun 1906Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I3895
31 STEWART, Femina Besella  16 Jan 1892Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6439
32 THOMSEN, Jens Peter  22 May 1900Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I1465
33 THURMAN, Camera Besella  23 Jan 1909Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6260
34 THURMAN, Edward Moroni  30 Dec 1931Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I1463
35 THURMAN, Joseph Carlos  22 Dec 1880Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5476
36 THURMAN, Phoebe Samantha  3 Dec 1890Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5474
37 WELCHMAN, Arthur Pendry  3 Apr 1919Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6042
38 WELLS, Lydia  2 Nov 1928Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I362


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ANDERSEN, Milo  8 Sep 1943Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I4017
2 ANDERSON, Byron "H"  Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5884
3 ANDERSON, David  29 Apr 1957Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I4887
4 ANDERSON, John Neils  23 Aug 1952Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5894
5 ANDERSON, Marion Peter  16 Jul 1956Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I355
6 ANDERSON, Oley  Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5892
7 ASTLE, Jane Hepworth  21 Apr 1914Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I22
8 ASTLE, John  14 Oct 1919Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I24
9 ASTLE, John Francis Jr  13 Oct 1951Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I12
10 ASTLE, John Francis  10 Nov 1951Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I10
11 ASTLE, Vernon Lenox  Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I14
12 BANKS, Melvina Ann  9 Jan 1946Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I4044
13 CARLING, Laura Thelma  10 Jun 1971Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I351
14 COWLING, Hannah Schofield  9 Jan 1918Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I36
15 DUTSON, Joseph Angus  30 Nov 1928Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I3886
16 DUTSON, Rose Ellen  4 Dec 1950Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I3884
17 GRIFFETH, Lovina Samentha  13 Aug 1936Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5471
18 GRIFFETH, Patison Delos  14 May 1901Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5497
19 HEPWORTH, Clarence Joshua  16 May 1961Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I3717
20 HEPWORTH, David Edgar  11 Jul 1956Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I43
21 HEPWORTH, Edmund  29 Oct 1915Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I35
22 HEPWORTH, Emma  5 Jul 1960Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5883
23 HEPWORTH, Femina Eliza  Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6436
24 HEPWORTH, Florence Rachel  16 Jun 1975Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5992
25 HEPWORTH, George William  Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5463
26 HEPWORTH, George William  19 Mar 1955Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6372
27 HEPWORTH, Hannah Edna  Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6432
28 HEPWORTH, Lauretta  1918Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I11
29 HEPWORTH, Lovisa Matilda  1 May 1965Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6151
30 HEPWORTH, Marvin Clarence  30 Oct 2001Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I7795
31 HEPWORTH, Waldo E.  7 Jul 2005Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I7526
32 HEPWORTH, Wanda Lydia  5 Dec 1998Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I7549
33 HOKANSON, Joseph Frederick  Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6007
34 HOKANSON, Julyous (Julius) Arthur  18 Mar 1975Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I3718
35 IPSEN, Margarthe Christina  14 Dec 1926Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I3896
36 JOHNSON, Benka Or Rebecca  Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5890
37 JOHNSON, Mary Anna  25 Oct 1944Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I1428
38 KERSHAW, Sarah Lucretia  12 Apr 1926Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6043
39 MATHEWSON, Annie Philena  19 Jun 1973Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I8675
40 MIKESELL, Louisa Porcher  27 Apr 1953Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I4874
41 MORTENSEN, Maren  16 May 1929Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I1457
42 PEDERSON (ANDERSON), Anders Peter  11 Jun 1906Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I3895
43 STEWART, Femina Besella  Jan 1892Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6439
44 THOMSEN, Jens Peter  23 May 1900Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I1465
45 THURMAN, Camera Besella  26 Jan 1909Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6260
46 THURMAN, Edward Clarence  25 Mar 1957Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5479
47 THURMAN, Edward Moroni  3 Jan 1932Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I1463
48 THURMAN, Joseph Carlos  Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5476
49 THURMAN, Phoebe Samantha  Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I5474
50 WELCHMAN, Arthur Pendry  6 Apr 1919Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I6042

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Confirmation    Person ID 
1 ASTLE, Grace Emily  19 Feb 1920Grover, Lincoln, Wyoming I1541
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