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August 18, 2019


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Bountiful, Davis, Utah



Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARLOW, Annie Lovinia  10 Jan 1866Bountiful, Davis, Utah I8662
2 CALL, Adolphus Alwin  28 Feb 1879Bountiful, Davis, Utah I366
3 CALL, Alice Maud  12 Jul 1881Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5271
4 CALL, Annie Charlotte  11 Oct 1886Bountiful, Davis, Utah I8663
5 CALL, Anson Vasco  18 May 1877Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5273
6 CALL, Ardith  17 Apr 1912Bountiful, Davis, Utah I8674
7 CALL, Catharine  26 Sep 1890Bountiful, Davis, Utah I8665
8 CALL, Chester Vinson  6 Oct 1859Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5286
9 CALL, Claude  8 Aug 1883Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5274
10 CALL, Cumorah H  30 Oct 1892Bountiful, Davis, Utah I8666
11 CALL, Dorthy Delila  9 Mar 1906Bountiful, Davis, Utah I8672
12 CALL, Ella  14 Jul 1884Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5269
13 CALL, Emerson Plato  14 Oct 1903Bountiful, Davis, Utah I8671
14 CALL, Hannah  27 Jan 1863Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5284
15 CALL, Ira  23 Mar 1861Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5281
16 CALL, Israel Barlow  29 Jun 1897Bountiful, Davis, Utah I8668
17 CALL, Joseph Holbrook  23 Feb 1857Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5283
18 CALL, Lamar Watterson  17 Mar 1908Bountiful, Davis, Utah I8673
19 CALL, Lamoni  25 Jan 1865Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5285
20 CALL, Lamoni B  19 Sep 1888Bountiful, Davis, Utah I8664
21 CALL, Leonie Lampson  15 Apr 1895Bountiful, Davis, Utah I8667
22 CALL, Lovinia  19 Jul 1900Bountiful, Davis, Utah I8669
23 CALL, Mary Vashtia (Vashti)  29 Jan 1859Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5280
24 CALL, Weltha Lenore  11 Aug 1901Bountiful, Davis, Utah I8670
25 COOPER, Ruth  Sep 1862Bountiful, Davis, Utah I8566
26 DENNING, John Abraham  4 Nov 1856Bountiful, Davis, Utah I569
27 DENNING, Joseph Arthur  28 Jul 1855Bountiful, Davis, Utah I564
28 FARNHAM, Alice Jeannette  5 Aug 1859Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5268
29 HEPWORTH, Benjamin  2 Jun 1886Bountiful, Davis, Utah I1070
30 HEPWORTH, Josephine  24 Sep 1895Bountiful, Davis, Utah I1068
31 HEPWORTH, Margaret Ann  11 Jun 1885Bountiful, Davis, Utah I6075
32 HEPWORTH, Peter Leonard  13 Feb 1888Bountiful, Davis, Utah I1075
33 HEPWORTH, Reuben  7 Nov 1890Bountiful, Davis, Utah I1069


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 CALL, Alice Maud  Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5271
2 CALL, Ira  6 Feb 1862Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5281


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CALL, Anson  31 Aug 1890Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5287
2 CALL, Charlotte Vienna  21 Nov 1934Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5282
3 CALL, Chester Rufus  26 Jan 1908Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5292
4 CALL, Claude  8 Aug 1883Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5274
5 CALL, Fanny  20 Nov 1898Bountiful, Davis, Utah I6187
6 CALL, Leonie Lampson  3 Jun 1994Bountiful, Davis, Utah I8667
7 CALL, Lucina  29 Jun 1904Bountiful, Davis, Utah I6177
8 CALL, Mary  25 Nov 1865Bountiful, Davis, Utah I6176
9 CALL, Samantha  13 Nov 1905Bountiful, Davis, Utah I6183
10 CALL, Sarah  4 Sep 1886Bountiful, Davis, Utah I6185
11 COOPER, Orson Pratt  8 Sep 1943Bountiful, Davis, Utah I8560
12 FLINT, Mary  8 Oct 1901Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5288
13 FRANK, Genevieve  9 Apr 1978Bountiful, Davis, Utah I1558
14 GREEN, Mary Ann  26 Apr 1931Bountiful, Davis, Utah I397
15 HAWKES, Lorin Jones  JanBountiful, Davis, Utah I4324
16 HEPWORTH, Benjamin  24 Oct 1963Bountiful, Davis, Utah I1070
17 HEPWORTH, Jasper  20 Apr 1960Bountiful, Davis, Utah I1076
18 HEPWORTH, Joseph  23 Apr 1926Bountiful, Davis, Utah I67
19 HEPWORTH, Peter Leonard  23 Jan 1965Bountiful, Davis, Utah I1075
20 HEPWORTH, Rowena  16 May 1930Bountiful, Davis, Utah I1077
21 HOLBROOK, Charlotte  9 Jul 1866Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5279
22 HOLBROOK, Joseph  14 Nov 1885Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5299
23 HOLBROOK, Sarah Lucretia  4 Feb 1869Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5301
24 HUMPHERYS, Asia  23 Apr 1975Bountiful, Davis, Utah I4289
25 PILL, Elizabeth  15 May 1889Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5321
26 SPETH, Louise  29 May 1989Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5655
27 TIFFANY, Sally Or Sarah  15 Mar 1856Bountiful, Davis, Utah I6175


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ASTLE, Richard Thomas  30 Jun 1941Bountiful, Davis, Utah I28
2 BARLOW, Annie Lovinia  25 Jan 1918Bountiful, Davis, Utah I8662
3 CALL, Anson  4 Sep 1890Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5287
4 CALL, Anson Vasco  SPRING 1868Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5278
5 CALL, Chester Rufus  29 Jan 1903Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5292
6 CALL, Lamoni  1933Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5285
7 CALL, Lucina  30 Jun 1904Bountiful, Davis, Utah I6177
8 CALL, Mary  Nov 1865Bountiful, Davis, Utah I6176
9 CALL, Sarah  Abt 8 Sep 1886Bountiful, Davis, Utah I6185
10 COOPER, Annie  Bountiful, Davis, Utah I8561
11 COOPER, Heber Kimball  Bountiful, Davis, Utah I8565
12 COOPER, Orson Pratt  Bountiful, Davis, Utah I8560
13 COOPER, William  Oct 1868Bountiful, Davis, Utah I8556
14 FARNHAM, Alice Jeannette  24 May 1939Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5268
15 FLINT, Mary  12 Oct 1901Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5288
16 GREEN, Mary Ann  28 Apr 1931Bountiful, Davis, Utah I397
17 HAWKES, Lorin Jones  Bountiful, Davis, Utah I4324
18 HEPWORTH, Alma  11 May 1961Bountiful, Davis, Utah I8591
19 HEPWORTH, Benjamin  28 Oct 1963Bountiful, Davis, Utah I1070
20 HEPWORTH, Eva  27 Dec 1963Bountiful, Davis, Utah I1078
21 HEPWORTH, James  25 Mar 1937Bountiful, Davis, Utah I66
22 HEPWORTH, Jasper  23 Apr 1960Bountiful, Davis, Utah I1076
23 HEPWORTH, Joseph  25 Apr 1926Bountiful, Davis, Utah I67
24 HEPWORTH, Martha Annice  14 Aug 1971Bountiful, Davis, Utah I1073
25 HEPWORTH, Peter Leonard  26 Jan 1965Bountiful, Davis, Utah I1075
26 HEPWORTH, Rowena  18 May 1930Bountiful, Davis, Utah I1077
27 HIRST, Harriet  25 Nov 1900Bountiful, Davis, Utah I130
28 HOLBROOK, Charlotte  12 Jul 1866Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5279
29 HOLBROOK, Joseph  17 Nov 1885Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5299
30 LYON, George Budd  22 Feb 1994Bountiful, Davis, Utah I4745
31 PILL, Caroline  1894Bountiful, Davis, Utah I5307
32 REEVES, William David  28 May 1955Bountiful, Davis, Utah I4613
33 ROBINSON, Millizer (Milly Eliza)  May 1900Bountiful, Davis, Utah I8557


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BEE / MCKECHNIE  7 Feb 1860Bountiful, Davis, Utah F658
2 CALL / HOLBROOK  28 Jan 1853Bountiful, Davis, Utah F1671
3 MILLER / HAIGH  Oct 1859Bountiful, Davis, Utah F53
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